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May 2016

We are only just beginning to grasp the combined effects of daily low dose toxic chemical exposures.

Humans are fragile living beings interconnected with the earth and it's water, soil and air.

Turn up the volume for best effect.

Turn up the volume for best effect.

We have been researching, interviewing and following events over the past few months in preparation for the current investigative series. With global terrorism and bombings tragically taking lives and demanding our attention, it is easy not to notice the assault of a nanoscopic toxic army upon our daily lives. Indications so far are that this stealth pummel is not to be ignored. See more here...

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Knowledge Resource

State-of-the-art communication tools, science made simple & understandable and urgent issues expressed with clarity.

We have a database of over 25,000 substances, all cross-linked with exposure routes and all presented as individual profiles on this site. If a substance has known evidence based harmful attributes, like causing cancer, killing bees or disrupting hormones or mental health, we use colour coded infographics to make this super clear.

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Dynamic Content

Information and research about toxic exposures, how they affect our health and how we can meaningfully respond, is pouring in daily.

Multiple platforms, sources and authors are drawn upon here to present a knowledge flow that is vital and timely.

And we are big on evidence. Articles contain reference links and we have a reference page that shows sources of our data.

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The Earth is Changing

Discussion, debate and alarm bells highlight a current critical issue


A coalescence of Investigative Journalism, Toxicology, Nutrition and Laboratory Testing .

Sub optimal nutrient intake, particularly key minerals, can exacerbate, symptoms, chronic disease and other harmful metabolic effects of toxic chemicals. Simple and inexpensive human, animal and environmental laboratory testing can reveal harmful chronic low level exposures and sources of harmful substances.

FoodSynergy Environmental Analysis Laboratory


Afluenza. Our unquenchable need to shop, buy, consume, and discard. This is a very big driver of the sad state of our earth and local environment.

Can you or me make a difference? Absolutely. Real change begins with an individual and gathers momentum at the community level.

We can no longer afford to assume or rely on governments, organisations and business to look after our beautiful earth and the sanctity of our children and their children to come.