Toxno is a Human and Environmental Health Information Resource.

We conduct Indepth Investigations. We write for the Public. We source important data and visualise it. We collaborate with a world class laboratory in Australia to test and openly publish results.
And we are passionate about raising awareness and our children's future.

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Now 2018

We are only just beginning to grasp the combined effects of daily low dose toxic chemical exposures

It's almost criminal how governments fail to look to the future with regard to human and environmental health

It comes down to us, individuals, getting informed and acting at the local level to preserve sanity, justice and gratitude

Time for worry is over - time to act

At Toxno we help you get informed and look after yourself and family. The smallest thing you do can make a postive difference generations down the track.

Sub optimal nutrient intake, particularly key minerals, can exacerbate, symptoms, chronic disease and other harmful metabolic effects of toxic chemicals. Simple and inexpensive human, animal and environmental laboratory testing can reveal harmful chronic low level exposures and sources of harmful substances.

Nutrient & toxic chemical interplay Environmental Analysis Laboratory & Toxtest


Afluenza. Our unquenchable need to shop, buy, consume, and discard. This is a very big driver of the sad state of our earth and local environment.

Can you or me make a difference? Absolutely. Real change begins with an individual and gathers momentum at the community level.

We can no longer afford to assume or rely on governments, organisations and business to look after our beautiful earth and the sanctity of our children and their children to come.


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Toxno, Toxtest and Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) at Southern Cross University in Lismore, NSW, Australia, collaborate to provide innovation and an Australian first in hair, water, soil/compost or dust testing of 32 heavy metals and minerals. Our Hair or Water analysis is AU$98. Order forms can be downloaded below.

All results are published (de-identified) online and updated regularly as new health or exposure route information becomes available for each metal/mineral. All results are dynamic, contain instructions, have full support and contain clickable links to current health and exposure information for each metal/mineral.

Hair results are live and use innovative moving graphical visualisations, while our water and soil analyses concurrently visualise your results based on human, animal and agricultural guidelines - a true Australian innovation. See a large list of example Hair, Water, Soil and Dust results.

Download test order forms here. Each test covers MERCURY, CADMIUM, LEAD, ARSENIC plus other Heavy Metals, Metaloids and Minerals (32 in total).